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Everything listed under: Serrano Honey Vinegar

  • Serrano Honey Mustard

    Ingredients4 tablespoons whole brown mustard seed1/2 cup ground yellow mustard powder1/3 cup water1/2 cup Crystal City  Serrano Honey Vinegar2 tablespoons Crystal City Garlic Olive Oil (or other  Crystal City olive oil)2 teaspoons saltDirectionsGrind the whole brown mustard seeds in a spice grinder for 15 seconds or with a mortar and pestle. They should be cracked but not fully ground to powder. Combine the slightly crushed seeds, mustard powder and salt in a small bowl with the s...

  • Ahi Tuna Marinade

    Ahi Tuna Marinade 2 tablespoons soy sauce (Tamari if possible) 1 teaspoon Serrano Honey Vinegar 1 teaspoon Japanese Roasted Sesame oil 1 teaspoon black sesame seeds, plus more for garnish 1 pound sushi-grade ahi tuna or sushi-grade wild salmon, 1" cubes 2-3 scallions, thinly slicedSalad 6 cups organic mixed spring greens 1 medium English cucumber cut into 1'" dice1 large avocado  Spicy Baklouti Miso Dressing 1 rounded tablespoo...