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Everything listed under: Traditional Balsamic

  • Dark Chocolate Fondue

    Ingredients: 1 pound dark chocolate chips or whole bars chopped coarsely1 cup heavy cream1/2 cup milk2 Tbs. Crystal City Blood Orange Olive Oil1 Tbs. Fresh Orange Zest1 Teaspoon Vanilla extractPinch Kosher Salt2 Tbs.

  • Balsamic Truffles

                      Balsamic Ganache Truffles 1/2 Cup Steaming hot heavy cream 1 pinch of sea salt 8 ounces best quality dark chocolate in chip form, or chopped 3 tablespoons dark or white balsamic - my favorite options for this are: coconut, raspberry, apricot, tangerine strawberry, maple, espresso, lavender, or traditional. 1/2 cup cocoa powder for rolling the truffles or use 6 oz. tempered (melted chocolate) for coating the truffles.